Sorry I haven't posted in like 4 days, I've just been really busy.

I haven't done anything in the past few days, just played games and getting everything set up with the PC. I have been trying to fix an issue where the computer won't turn off - it was due to the WIFI card so I will probably get a TP-Link .

I am now on my school holidays but it is so boring when there is nothing to do, it's too cold to go out so all I can really do is stay indoors which gets really boring after a week. I also have to revise as i'm doing my GCSE's, so there is very little fun to be had other than to game or watch TV.

Anyway, i'm going to sleep cause I am really, really tired so I'll try to post tomorrow!
- Josh 20/02/2017
Well I managed to get my new PC setup last night so I can post today!

Today is our second to last day of this half-term so I'll break up on Friday. On Saturday, Wolverhampton Wonderers (who I support) will be playing Chelsea in the FA cup which I am going to see! I am really excited!

If you are interested in the specs of my pc, here they are : i5 7600k CPU
GeForce GTX 1060 6gb GPU
750W FSP 80+ Silver PSU
Gigabyte GA-Z270 Gaming K3 Motherboard
Seagate 1TB Firecuda SSHD

I going to do some random stuff so I'll probably post tomorrow.
- Josh 16/02/2017

Well I’m in business studies and it is so boring so I decided to post something to pass the time. Our teacher has a migraine or something so we have a supply teacher and have to revise.

Anyway, My PC is coming today so probably won’t post tomorrow since I will be setting it up! If you are interested in the specs, I’ll post them soon.

I have to go to lunch now so I’ll see you soon!
- Josh 15/02/2017

Well today was alright, I had media so that was cool. At the minute, we are making silent films. Today, we filmed four shots and they came out really well. I managed to edit a little today so I will try to get way more done on Thursday - which is my next lesson.

Something BIG is happening tomorrow, MY NEW PC IS COMING! I am so excited!

Anyway, I am going to design the gallery now so yeah - Bye!
- Josh 14/02/2017
Well this is my first post so I better introduce myself. So, my name Josh and I like to make and design websites as a hobby. I will post whenever I can – I’ll try to post every day; I probably won't though! Anyway, another hobby I endorse myself in is photography as I love media and want to improve my cinematography and just to generally get more comfortable with handling cameras. If you are interested in my works - then you can find them in the gallery.
- Josh 13/02/2017